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Homeplace: Debrecen, HUNGARY


My name is Judit Csoba, I'm a student at Debrecen and a Border Collie fan of course.
The first Border Collie in my life is Rass.
I prefer not to write about how I fall in love with this breed, it would be too conventional.
I have learnt many things from Rass and he changed my life in many ways.
I have come to know together about the world of herding, shows and breeding
(agility as well, but I tried it before with my Maltese, Lara)
Everything we have taken part together, make our relationship stronger
and my love the breed deeper.

Breeding concept

My future plan to breed healthy dog with good character, general appearance is
near to the standard to be suitable for any dog sport (like agility, frisbee,
dogdancing), competition and being a perfect companion. Conservation of the basic
characteristic of the breed, the natural herding instict is very important for me too.

My expectations towards new owners

Buying a dog is a great responsibility. You must be the responsible owner of your
dog all along his life, which might even last 15 years. My interest for the puppies remains
beyond the moment they are sold. I give them only to suitable homes.
In detail:
- The pup has to get all the necessary vaccination and treatment against
parasites suggested by your vet.  "Prevention is better than treatment."
- I would like to know all the significant medical events concerning
the pup and get the results of any health tests like HD.
- Basic obedience training is highly recommended. It is useful for everyday
life, making relationship between the owner and the dog stronger.
- I would like to get information about the dog's life with photos monthly, at least annually.
- If you have any problems keeping your dog, contact me as soon as possible.
- The pup has to grow up as an important and beloved member of the family.

Should you have any questions, please contact me.

About my kennel-name

For me the phoenix symbolises long life, rejuvenation, rebirth as well as my hometown,
Debrecen. (The phoenix is one main symbolic animal in the emblematic badge of the city.)

The flame of passion is expressed in the eyes of every Border Collies, I think.

Thanks for the translation for Gabriella József
(Racka Fan Club Border Collie kennel)


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